Bonnie Cochran, LCSW Counseling Services, LLC

Grief & Loss


Grieving is a natural response to loss or the death of a loved one.

You may notice the following …

___   Inability to concentrate

___   Change in Appetite

___   Depressed

___   Asking, “Who am I now?”

___   Lethargic

___   Uncomfortable being alone

___   Challenging or questioning your religious or spiritual belief system

___   Preoccupied with your loss

___   Isolating yourself

___   Wonder how you are going to survive

___   Uncontrollable release of emotion

___   Reckless or destructive behaviors

___   Don’t know where to turn

These are just some of the emotions and changes that we may experience when grieving. Please find support through family, clergy, friends or a professional mental health care provider who understands and specializes in helping people with the many complexities that grief carries.





“Bonnie helped me understand the importance of honoring
and moving toward my grief after my daughter’s accident.”
- Lee Roessler