Bonnie Cochran, LCSW Counseling Services, LLC

About Me

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Bonnie Cochran, LCSW has extensive experience and background working with individuals, families and groups to overcome life’s transitions. She holds a Master of Social Work degree from Colorado State University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing psychotherapy in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Bonnie is a Board Certified Diplomat who specializes in grief, loss and bereavement. She has a Hospice background and is trained in Reproductive and Infertility Counseling, EMDR II, Mind/Body Therapy and Crisis Debriefing. Bonnie is a founding member of 3Hopeful Hearts, a nonprofit organization that supports bereaved parents and their families. She has over fifteen years experience in the mental health care field and is available for presentations and educational seminars.

Professional Training and Affiliations:

  • Harvard Medical School’s Mind-Body Institute – Dr. Herbert Benson, The Relaxation Response
  • The Tuning Effect – Mel Bucholtz, MA
  • Sharon Covington, LCSW – Director of Psychological Services (Shady Grove Reproduction and Science Counseling Center)
  • ASRM – American Society of Reproductive Medicine
  • MHPG – Mental Health Professional Group of ASRM
  • NASW – National Association of Social Workers
  • RESOLVE – The National Infertility/Pregnancy loss Association, Professional Member
  • EMDR II – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing International Association
  • ADEC – Association of Death Education Center
  • 3Hopeful Hearts – Bereaved Parents Support and Education Organization
  • Connections – National Teleconference Founder and Facilitator, Professional Mental Health Group

"I am truly blessed that my clients have entrusted me to take this journey of hope and healing with them."
Bonnie Cochran